The reactionary summary (this page will be open to continual alteration and amendment.)

1) Sovereignty is conserved. Someone always rules.

1A) Rule by protocol, or formula, is fraud and sham.

1B) Imperium in Imperio is a solecism. (

1B1) Imperium in imperio has been the main driver behind culture in the west, with the course of liberlism and all associated intellectual traditions being explainable as a result of selection (Both positive and negative) by power in accordance with power needs.

1C) What occurs and does not occur within a sovereigns territory is allowed or disallowed by the sovereign. Sovereignty is conserved.

2) Power which is unsecure is satanic.

2A) Unsecure power is power which lacks formalism.

2B) Unsecure power is power with no potential to act in accordance with reason, and no incentive to act in a virtuous manner. Unsecure power follows its own logic, which is automatic destruction of society. For more on this see this post (

2C) The current Liberal-Democratic system is unsecure power which is not formalised. It is a contingent tragedy which arose from power dynamics within Western Europe. For more on this, see these posts( and( and (

3) Reactionary governance is governance in accordance with classical reason and judgement, this marks it out as utterly hostile to modern philosophy, which can be defined as everything post-Descartes.

3A) Formalised governance is rule by judgement, as formalism is the acceptance of the conservation of sovereignty.

3B) Rule by judgement is rule by persons with judgement.

3C) Set rules have their place, but are subsumed under human judgement. For more on this area in relation to the necessary ethical framework for a formalised reactionary political structure, see the following posts – ( and (

4) Reaction’s underlying structure is non-deterministic.

4A) Governance by human reason is rejection of deterministic and reductionist philosophy. Deterministic philosophy is the bed rock of leftism and democratic rightism, in short, it is the bedrock of modernity.

5) Governance is at all times the province of the elite within society.

5A) The level of agency of those within society is linked to their biological and physical capability, and their ethical development.

5B) Reactionary political theory is fundamentally based on the acknowledgement of human society as comprised of people of varying degrees of development and capability and as such is incompatible with modern political theory. See this post for further analysis ( which calls for a greater engagement with virtue ethics and the work of McIntyre.

5C) Men are born into traditions which comprise the context of his existence. This can be suppressed and mutilated through education, but it is ingrained in the biology of the person.

5D) Reactionary political theory can be said to be so far outside of the modern framework, that there are no existing critiques of it. Such claims as racism, sexism or other such Liberal only applicable terms are irrelevant on a deep level.

6) Leftism is anarchy, reaction is order. The right in democracy is an order seeking process that is trapped in the paradox of trying to order anarchy – it is systematically flawed.

6A) Order is rule by formalised governance using judgement.

6B) Achievement of order is only possible in one action. You cannot push back anarchy to a point of order part by part. (

6C) The only conceivable means to correction for the current system is a complete removal of the current Liberal Democratic system and a restart. This can be achieved through the true election ( the auto-coup ( and the reboot (