Massive Tents

In the latest This Week in Reaction Nick B Steves has made the following claim:

“Generative Anthropology Blog (GABlog) deserves to be read a lot more. He’s tied for first in doing the best NRx theory right now, and he’s not even (officially) NRx. This week he discusses Principles: Imagining Sovereignty, Fantasizing Anarchy.”

with the following quote:

“To believe in a principle—say, “free speech”—is to imagine a mode of sovereignty. The government that grants free speech does so because it assumes that in the unrestrained discourse in which all citizens participate without coercion or intimidation the truth emerges along with a rational consensus for the government to act upon. Along with the imagined sovereignty, then, comes an anarchist fantasy—in this case, of free, rational individuals acting outside of government who choose, collaboratively, to act upon and, indeed, constitute the government.”

Yet earlier in the post he lists posts from Nick Land, Michael Rothblatt, Jim and a number of others who are neoreactionary who would disagree with the quote from Adam quite aggressively. In fact, they hold the exact opposite. They believe that society can and is formed in this peer to peer/ spontaneous order sense as per Hobbes et al. A straw poll of all the authors listed as neoreactionary would likely find that almost 100% agree with the anarchist interpretation.

So we have an odd situation. Adam is apparently creating neoreactionary theory which refutes the very anthropology all other neoreactionaries propose! Now, there are big tents, and then there are tents which seem to cover positions that are utterly opposed. You can therefore be a neoreactionary if you hold people can form governance peer to peer AND if you hold this peer to peer concept to be fantasy.

This would seem to point irrefutably to there being no central doctrine coming from Hestia, with existence in neoreaction then being premised on something else, such as in taking a negative position to various points of leftism maybe, like conservatism or the right wing. So Neoreaction is a boutique varient of the Alt-Right, no?