On developing political theory and organisations, or how to get shot in the head and chucked in a canal like Rosa Luxemberg

The underlying assumptions present in any attempt to organize a new political theory will ultimately determine what is to become of it, and a look at the examples of fascism, communism and neoreaction provide effective demonstrations on how to do it, and how not to do it.

Both fascists and communists had very clear organisations through which intellectual developments were veted, checked against theory and kept within a clear party line. They thus had organisation and were able to develop coherent (if crazy due to inhereted liberal theory) theory. Neoreaction was conceived as a laissez faire crab bucket where everything and everyone could throw in their own opinions and spontaneous order was supposed to take over. Think more Rosa Luxemberg and left communism, than Lenin, Hitler or Mussolini.

Fascism and communism being led by people with clear understanding of power knew very clearly that you could control what people in your organisation said, and you could keep your theory in line by simply stating “we are X, and this is officially Y.” Neoreaction led by Land denied this was possible because they have a dysfunctional understanding of how people work.

The inherent rejection of the ability to organize from the top down is implicit assertion of the rejection of the points and the theory put forward by Moldbug, which is why Land’s Dark Enlightenment essay and neoreaction should not be read as a continuation of Moldbug, but as an express rejection of Moldbug. If you let make their own crap up, you just end up with retarded trash that floats back to pure liberalism because that is what happens.

So what is neoreaction? everything under the neoreaction aggregator, every piece of random crap people identified as neoreactionary claim it is, no matter how incoherent, and every claim by a journalist. So it is nationalistic, supporting of the glorious revolution, pro-Whig history, pro-restricted democracy, pro-disintermediation without institutions (lol), pro-monarchy, anti-monarchy, pro-Trump, pro-ground up cultural creation etc. A stew of crap basically.