Futility of the alt-right

The maintenance of culture over power remains key to the right in all its incarnations, which explains their general ineffectiveness yet general popularity (right is generaly popular, despite the massive effort of the press.) It also explain their inability to make any sense of history or general events, as instead of being able to analyse events, every single event must be put through a filter of culture above power. The result is always colourful, crazy and incoherent.

One only has to look at the proliferation of various pet theories in the alt-right and neoreaction to see this enacted over, and over again. Ever new mystical explanations and bizarre concoctions are devised and argued over. All of these concoctions share the same underlying premise that people are all sovereign individuals, they all agglomerate together by their own volition and we merely have to explain to them all why they should agglomerate in formation X. Nationalism, for example, is a perfect example of this, as is recognizing shared genetic interests, in fact, pretty much all political theory dating back to Hobbes is of this type.

The right in particular though, follows this through into areas of total stupidity and has settled in a rut of taking this to an extreme of rejecting governance and institutions. Libertarianism for example, and anarcho-capitalism are premised on the need for either minarchist governance or no governance as culture being a spontaneous thing (its not) just grows from these sovereign individuals (it doesn’t.)

If, however, we reject this frame for the ideologically based hallucinogen it is, then we can look at things such as the rise of radical Islamism with fresh eyes. It no longer becomes something intrinsic to Muslims nor a irresistible force which will persist. History shows this to be pure nonsense, with radical Islamism having a history, a very modern history at that.

So, instead of looking at this process as a cultural one which has bubble up from the Ummah, let us look at power above culture, and then try to establish if any organisations and institutions can be seen behind Islamism which can explain its origin, its funding, and it sudden development in the 20th century. Luckily a lot of this has already been researched by leftists and is quite openly available.

It seems quite clear that Islamism was funded into existence with Saudi money and CIA assistance in Pakistan and Afghanistan as a means to generate conflict for the USSR. The CIA also used the trick in places such as Egypt to act as counters to socialist parties. The Israelis got in on the act in Palestine as well with the support of Hamas contra the PLO. All of this is quite clearly on record, as the fact of the matter is that in politics violent actors are an asset in all instances, be they black criminals or Muslim islamists, they are useful.

Islamism then, is a culture which has been funded into existence, and remains in existence due to the maintenance of institutions (madrassas, Saudi and Gulf funding, Western secret services support – see Syria.)

We can do this again with the whole anti-racism issue. Anyone trying to explain this as some cultural process that just occurred has an awful long row to hoe and tends to go into all sorts of bizarre claims that are unsupportable. On the other hand, one can trace the activities of the USA elite through the philanthropic foundations and demonstrate the clear line of foundation money preceding the spread of anti-racism. The subsequent augmentation by the governments of the respective countries and additional foundations present a giant skeleton framework on which the whole anti-racism superstructure rests. Trying to deal with this with “real talk” is frankly absurd. The money keep flowing in torrents.

But none of this can be seen by the right, because the first act is always to put events through the left-right sovereign individual filter after which, out pops nonsense.

When all the alt-right have spun their wheels, the whole funding structure will still be there, and they will be forgotten.