Nothing to get excited about

All cultural emanations are mere secondary effects of institutional entities, as such, we can look at the potential effect of Trump, both in what he can create, and what he can destroy, by taking into account what institutional structures he can bring about and what culture will be selected and/ or created by these institutions.

Firstly, despite his reference to draining the swamp, Trump’s potential to make any lasting impression beyond even the most superficial is very limited. Taking the Cathedral analysis into account (actual Cathedral analysis, not the liberal theory infested mockery) we can establish that there is a vast area of governance which Trump (even if he wanted) could not touch.

Starting with NGOs, he won’t touch them. Moving to foundations, he won’t touch them. Moving to the various “private” companies deeply connected with government such as Google, Facebook, Reddit etc. he won’t touch them. Moving swiftly to education, he won’t touch it. Moving on to private wealth which is used to forward left wing agendas (such as the egregious example of Soros) he won’t touch it.

Now let’s move on to actual admitted government, which is merely a sub section of the real government structure. He will have to pull teeth and risk major damage merely to defund a small part of it.

And what about pushing his own culture by shaping his own institutions? I don’t see any real plan, and this is exactly what is wrong with the right wing. They are stupid and believe the same stupid things that the left wing does except they believe them in an even more pure form. The right totally believes that culture is spontaneous, that each person is a sovereign individual and that culture is the amalgamation of these sovereign individuals spontaneously working together. The left meanwhile grabs education, uses media, controls the narrative and creates institutions and funding sources to keep their cultural developments in existence. The left in effect being liberalism of the actual rulers, the right being liberalism of the non-rulers. The right is therefore functionally retarded and useless. Tits on a boar useless.

Instead of rejection of this gibberish the right wing will continue selling each other snake oil about disinter-mediation, sovereign individuals, a new Reformation (the last one gave us the modern state, but hey, don’t let that upset your fantasy of “liberty”) and widespread “don’t tread on me” liberty.

Unless Trump has a solid, extra governmental organisation, with its own security apparatus and ability to operate outside of the scope of the laws of the Republic, and it is actually organised and subject to his judgement and a clear and organised plan, all we will see is lots of screaming and noise, but nothing fundamentally done, because all the institutions are in place, the funding is still there and there is no potential for new institutions (which don’t even have a guiding purpose – what is Trumpism? it seems to be bland protectionism)

Any claim that the Cathedral is finished demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of the thing and a lack of understanding that culture is downstream from power and Trump isn’t power.