Entryists enter the cathedral concept

Trump’s victory can be seen as a very obvious mark of confirmation for Moldbug, and a number of people seem to be clicking on. Not only did Trump run against the entire media apparatus, but he also engaged in a right wing game of high-low versus the middle, this time with the low being middle america which is still busily being assaulted through immigration and policies naturally directed at crushing them.

This added interest in the cathedral concept will only become more widespread as the next four years will show that every time Trump so much as makes an innocuous speech about transport policy, the entire academic, civil service and media apparatus will engage in full spectrum attacks.

The danger of this is that instead of understanding how the cathedral concept was formed, and what this entails, people will load it with liberal trash, thereby turning it into some sad sack conspiracy theory. The true power of this concept, and the ramifications will thus be lost because of rank stupidity. Imagine if the developments of Einstein were accepted, but were back filled with a story of goblins or fairies being responsible – it wouldn’t go very far, would it? That is what is happening with the cathedral concept.

The cathedral concept if understood correctly is one of following the ramifications of the first principle that divided power results in society fighting, and splitting into two general groups, which we know as right and left. These groups then engage in proxy warfare, with the dominate group being the left wing – the high in society augmented by every low utilized against the middle. From these you can reason out and conclude that republican governance is a sham, that it is the very cause of the left and right, that more blocks just makes the conflict even more intractable, that the formal governance structure is just a mask at best and a minor inconvenience at worst for this high-low alliance. There are many more ramifications yet to be discovered, but the applicability to governance is profound.

Liberalism is a hallucinogen based on the first principle of the sovereign individual which was a rhetorical device which has not been placed on serious ground. All these liberal entryists using the term wrongly are bringing this system into it. They don’t recognise this because they have their systems such as nationalism which are one, or two, steps removed from this.

It is not your enemies that are a real danger, but really your “friends.”

So whereas this nationalist, or alt-right fueled individual talking about the cathedral will still entertain working within the confines of the republican structure as a means to correct current problems, from a position of not being liberal, this is laughable, and you only have to look at the problems Pinochet encountered to see this. The republican structure is a sham, it has been the source of the left and right, and has been circumvented  the millisecond it was formalised. The formal republican structure is a total sham, and the only way to govern is to engage non-formal structures. But this very thought cannot be entertained because this calls into question the “public/ private” sphere that the right wing so desperately cling to. The right in effect are the true liberals, holding to a liberalism with far less unprincipled exceptions than the left who being in governance have no time for.

So if you followed a right wing reading of the cathedral, you would close down universities, the media, and the civil service and enlarge the private sphere. Pinochet did this to a degree and what happened? the academics merely shifted to “private” institutes funded by “private” foundations like the Ford Foundation. Like they care about the formal institutions beyond their use to them as a power tool. The same thing would happen again because to touch the foundations, or any non-government org would require recognizing the private sphere as understood under liberal theory is a joke, there is no area of life which is not governed, which is to recognize liberalism is a joke, which is to recognize the right wing is a joke.