Summary of Locke and Filmer in as short a way as possible

Patriarcha, or the Natural Power of Kings: Popular government violates logic at every turn. Here is my cogent reasoned argument which has numerous historical examples.

Two Treatsies of Government: Wow, just wow. Its the current year. That Filmer is like a racist or something. What do you mean evidence? are you racist? Wow, just wow.

In all seriousness, Locke is a social justice warrior and nothing he puts forward has evidence or has ever been vindicated. So let’s look at the genealogy from these two:

Locke -> everyone.

Filmer-> no one.

De Jouvenal can tell you why this is the state of affairs using logic, and the picture isn’t pretty and logic is racist or something and this is the current year, so wow, just wow. Libertarians, Conservative, Marxists, the alt -right and everyone else can also tell you using magical thinking because they are all social justice warriors at base.