What Marx got right.

In a broad sense, Marx was right. On the other hand, he was very wrong. Culture is grounded and determined by the economic sphere as the economic basis of a society must by necessity form an ultimate barrier regarding acceptable discourse. The financialised nature of western society and the effect this has on what intellectual discourse is funded and allowed to proliferate is a perfect example. Classical Marxism and any thinking which so much as questions the consumerist joke we have just doesn’t go anywhere. Just look at the freedom they have, and just look at what economics get promoted.

Unfortunately, whilst having this key understanding, as well as the keen understanding that circumstances and relationships form what culture develops, he was wrong by virtue of remaining on the modern path of anarchism. His understanding of property in particular is merely Lockean. This seems to have led to him making all sorts of errors.

If we broaden this premise and accept that all think from specific circumstances, rooted in specific places, with a specific stock of inherited beliefs, then the idea of a free thinking superman who can reason from some abstract point of ahistorical reality can be set aside for the childish thing it is. But the claim that it is class that is at base is wrong, De Jouvenal has pointed the way, and it must be accepted that it is the actions of power, and conflicts between power centers that is the actual base to the superstructure of society.

A society built with internal conflict is one which has a base which is designed to promote total degeneracy. As this internal conflict deepens and degrades, a very specific culture is produced without any planning. Each of the centers of power will engage in subversive leveling until one is supreme, but this power center must then alter to solidify its position, or continue churning away at society with the same mechanisms that brought it into being. This solidification can only be done by some actor who manages to wrest control such as Cromwell or Stalin. Failure by an actor to do so will leave only the prospect of total collapse.

With this understanding of the true base of society, the issue of Jews becomes clear – it isn’t some genetic interest or some such patently absurd idea, but instead a matter of their position in society and relations in the power system. This goes the same for SWPL, and for the black population, and the muslim population and for the rest of society. Things don’t build from the ground up – that idea is itself a product of people from within specific points in their respective power structures and therefore possessing specific motivations at specific points in history.