May 1968, the French Color Revolution

A test of the iron law of rebellious tools is provided by the events of 1968, especially the events in France. I don’t have a great deal of knowledge on what happened, but what information is readily available stinks pretty badly.

In the first instance, we have a national leader aggressively pursuing a course of action in direct defiance of being a USA client state. De Gaulle was doing a number of things including agitating for a gold backed currency and embargoing supplies of weapons to Israel.  The US elites appear to have been sick of him. Then we have the arrival of a German-Jewish Anarchist in the form of Daniel Cohn-Bendit causing trouble in Nanterre.

What is interesting about this whole dynamic is that it appears to me that Cohn was a CIA asset along with his colleague Rudi Dutschke. I am having trouble confirming this, or finding strong evidence due to language barriers, but what little there is available smells rotten.  There is a fairly famous CIA report entitled “Restless Youth” which has repeated mention of Cohn in terms which seem overly familiar, and there is a frustrating strategic redaction before his name on this short version of the report which seems to be overly familiar with Cohn’s contacts (hint, hint.) In this longer version of the report, he is mentioned on page 60, page 126, page 180 and page 181, but the report is hard to read as the pages are mixed up.

There appears to have been a lot of suspicion of CIA involvement, and based on the full spectrum dominance of the CIA on European intellectual society, the idea he wasn’t under the control of the CIA is not very plausible given the direction of his agitation.

Cohn’s subsequent illustrious career despite his obscene behavior which included opening an anti-authoritarian kindergarten which seems to have been an excuse to rape children, is very much in line with him having links high up, and with being an agent provocateur. Of course, he now claims his admission of raping a six year old (being seduced, sorry) was embellishment.

From a position of absolutism, we can discard conspiracy theories and cut to the chase – all agitation and revolutions that are successful are sponsored by power actors. Who was the power actor behind Cohn directly, or indirectly? This would be the US elites, and especially US secret services. It was not the KGB or the Soviets in general. In fact the Soviet linked groups appear to have been in conflict with Cohn-Bendit and the “new left” which was a US created thing (as were the Soviets.) The great tragedy of the whole thing which is still continuing is the great success of the US institutions in pinning every piece of total degeneracy of the Soviet Communists. De Gaulle took the bait and blamed the communists, which is not surprising. Think of this as comparable to the McCarthy mistake of taking progressives as being manipulated by external enemies in the form of the Soviets. No, mon frere, this shitshow we call liberalism is no different to communism at root and the infection went from England/ USA to Russia, not the other way around- get it right. Face the disgusting truth squarely and repent.

So we see that not only were the Soviets not behind Cohn, but he was acting to isolate them. Given the Soviets were actually keen on De Gaulle according to their records, and the CIA and American elites were not, one only has to do the math. Of course, in the longer  report from the CIA I linked above, we see a kind of admission that agent provocateurs such as Cohn are used to cause trouble on p228. It even claims that some of the agitators in 1968 were funded by Maoists, but were unable to play a directing role …unlike Cohn…do I need to say it again? Recent events in the Ukraine, Georgia, and everywhere we are able to see the revolutions in real time should make it clear.

Alan Sorel seems to have made this link as well, and appears to have noted that shitty French intellectual culture was birthed by power politics. He is right, but he hasn’t realized how right he is. The new left and post 1940s French culture is about as French as I am, it just pure anglo-progressivism bullshit. The American infected them with AIDs pretty badly.

But if culture is dictated by power politics and conflict, then the entire system determines the culture within it. So Sorel has a long way to go.