The common root of all modern political discourse

It occurred to me that in effect, all current allowable political positions could be plotted quite clearly along the following lines:

political-treeThe green line is the basic root of all of them, with the red lines representing serious cases of heresy. I am fairly familiar with the Italian fascist heresy of rejecting the liberal conception of the individual as being prior to society based on a strange form of idealism, not so much on the Nazi approach.

As can be seen in the diagram, all of them (with the previous exceptions) take for granted that the individual is prior to society. The difference between all of them being their varying understanding of this central key point.

But what if we add the following link:


Then we have an interesting idea. If the rise of the modern state apparatus acted to create these “anterior to society” individuals, then their continuation is logically dependent on the continuation of the modern state. They are functionally inseparable.