Organising 101

How do you organise a party? Well, first thing is having a clear theory of what is going on and what you will do, and then developing a party line. Everyone associated with the party must internalize it, repeat it and understand it. Deviation from the theory and the party line must obviously be a grave problem to be stopped. Further to this, further development of the theory must be in strict adherence to the theory. Take the Italian fascist party for example, the theory and party line was controlled and monitored by gatekeepers in the form of primarily Mussolini. Thinkers like Pannunzio would present developments and elaboration of fascist theory to be discussed. Any disagreement would be brought to Mussolini to make a final call on.

This is how a non-left, and non-right wing organization organizes. There is no amphorous organization around unspoken understanding of the position of the organization in the greater power structure. This is no anarchic “everything goes” process of selection. There is no treating everyone’s pet theories as equal. There is no organising on the basis of “relevancy” to the current power system which (and this seems to be forgotten a lot) is to be replaced. Trying to operate on this basis is less femtosecond laser and more flickering 20 watt lightbulb.

Of course, the first step is getting the theory correct so you head in the right direction. The second part is keeping it on track and developing it along the same lines. The next part is getting rid of anyone opposed to this form of organization – they are wasteful biomass at best. So yes, you must show the door to people who show up. Especially, and I cannot stress this enough, those who think they are friends, and who present themselves as friends yet undermine the theory and the party line. They are the entryists of the most dangerous form.