Institutions for “bottom up” Change

Well this is interesting.

“See the connection: Podesta creates Catholics United; Soros funds Catholics United; and Catholics United sponsors an IRS complaint against me (after trying to get me kicked off CNN). Their attempt to intimidate me was a monumental failure, but the fact that they tried is what counts.”

I don’t see what is wrong with this at all. We have this thing called “private society” which is like, totally off limits to politics because the constitution, liberal theory or something. Don’t you know? You see, we have these blocks in governance, and the constitution says that people can’t do this, and can’t do that. No one is allowed to create and use third party “private” organisations to apply pressure to other actors because “we the people” are free.

Of course, having Podesta fired will fix this right up. Just not clear on what you will do with Soros? or Catholics United? I mean, these are “private” actors, because it is not as if sovereignty is conserved regardless of what some silly piece of paper says, and that the concept of “private” society is a fiction. That would just be crazy.