Explaining the riots

How to explain the race riots currently being conducted by Black Lives Matter:

Nazis: stinking filthy Jews are conspiring together to push their genetic interests against the white man.

Alt right: Jews are conspiring together to push their genetic interests against the white man.

Neoreaction: ? Something about a Cathedral egregore, or something.

Progressive liberals: This is legitimate anger by pre-societal individuals that are all necessarily equal reasoning beings against a fascist state. There needs to be a program for them to ensure their equality.

“Classical” liberals: This is legitimate anger by pre-societal individuals that are all necessarily equal reasoning beings against a fascist state. Private society is the cure to ensure their equality.

Anarchist: This is legitimate anger by pre-societal individuals that are all necessarily equal reasoning beings against a fascist state. The removal of the state totally is the cure to ensure their equality.

Conspiracy theorists: the illuminate are funding it to divide and conquer.

Absolutism: This is simply the way in which a sovereign governance structure which is subject to checks and balances will act to implement policy. It is clear the central governance structure wishes to re-organise the police force, and has ingrained electoral and institutional enemies which it cannot directly confront. It also labors under the delusion of private society which it can not merely expose as fraud (it is also manned by people who believe the fraud.)

The result is that the governing institutions use “private” institutions (foundations) to create agitation and trouble which creates an environment, and/ or results in legal action which allows for the planned policy to be enacted. That this process also attacks the institutional enemies (electoral enemies, republican checks) is also of value.

The black lives matter seems to have two broad goals, one is to create the required “demand” for a re-organisation of the US police force on a national basis, which is a reasonable goal for a government. The other is to create racial tension for electoral means.

For example, see page 34 of this leaked Soros open society memorandum, the section titled “police reform”:

“Since the release of the taskforce’s recommendations earlier this month, there has been much discussion about how best to ensure effective implementation given the federal government’s limited authority to dictate reform at the local level. For example, LDF, LCCHR and others have been pushing the Justice Department to use its existing authority to place conditions on the funding it provides to local police departments, requiring basic elements of good practice in exchange for federal funds. But even under a progressive Attorney General, the Department has failed to take steps to use these funds to incentivize good policies or deter bad practice. In part, this reflects an entrenched political reality in which local police lobbyists can go to members of Congress to protect their federal funding from any meddling by the Justice Department. We ourselves with our key grantees continue to push the Administration to take the pivotal step of including social policy incentives in these grant programs.

There are also substantial differences in the needs of large urban police departments versus smaller suburban and rural agencies, such as the department in Ferguson. The smaller departments are generally less professional and are dealing increasingly with diverse populations as demography shifts; these departments are also much more difficult than their urban counterparts to reform.

The events of the past several months have understandably led to a wide range of activities, including a variety of advocacy efforts, to respond to the significant challenges in policing that have been exposed and the opportunity to promote meaningful and lasting change. For example, organized under the banner of the Civil Rights Coalition on Police Reform, organizations like the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, LCCHR, and LDF are advocating for federal reform efforts with a particular emphasis on data collection and transparency and, as noted above, 35 effecting federal funding streams. A variety of other national advocacy organizations, including grantees Advancement Project, PolicyLink, the Center for Popular Democracy and the ACLU are working to provide advocates with toolkits and resources to help their organizing efforts. Locally based groups such as the Ohio Student Association, the Organization for Black Struggle, the Asian Law Caucus, and the ACLU of New Jersey, to name a few, are advocating for specific reforms at the city and state levels. Another layer of grassroots and youth-oriented groups like Freedom Side, Ferguson Action, Black Lives Matter and Million Hoodies Movement for Justice are also advocating for specific reforms. The range of efforts underway raises a number of questions and concerns about capacity, the need for coordination and the appropriate prioritization of policy objectives, among others, which we will discuss in the policing portion of the meeting.

The federal government is seeking philanthropic support for a number of its initiatives. In addition to seeking support to advance the implementation of the recommendations of the Presidential Taskforce, the White House recently launched the Policing Data Initiative to explore how best to use data and technology to build trust, voice, and solutions to improve community policing. The Department of Justice recently selected the first six cities to host pilot sites for the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, which was launched last fall to help repair and strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve by exploring strategies intended to enhance procedural justice, reduce implicit bias, and support racial reconciliation.

Highlights are mine.

Translation: the progressive state organs AKA the governing state organs have made a decision, but elements within the state are intransigent, therefore the “private” philanthropic organisation will be engaged to provide funding to create “private” groups in “private” society to get around the blocks put in place by the republican system. The targets will all be city and state, and obviously not federal.