Classical liberalism is lunacy

Let us put a stake through this nonsense. There is no difference between “classical” liberalism and modern liberalism. There is no difference because they are nothing more than the shrieking insane screams of lunatics being hurled forward by power as it centralizes in an unsecure system.

Smith was a lunatic, Locke was a lunatic, Rawls was a lunatic – all of them were lunatics.

When people play into the game of “classical” liberalism it shows they don’t know what they are talking about, but from an Absolutist position the nature of liberalism is quite clear – it is societal acid applied to all power but the centralising one. Each generation of accumulated cultural psychosis gets ingrained as “progress” from which the next generation orientate from. This process has benefits in that it paved the way for greater centralization and industrialisation but not in the way liberal propagandists claim. It was not the wonders of open trade or “progress” due to human freedom or “capitalism”, but the ability of industry to access greater resources and government to operate on a national level.

The idea that some sort of respect should be paid to this mindless mush is appalling. Classical Liberals are a delusional menace.