Being Pwned

Katz’s latest posts should get some attention from those interested in exploring the neoabsolutist project. He has raised many issues that give food for thought, one of which is that of the reliance of members society on the functionality of other elements of society, and the inherent good faith of this. If those other elements of society turn out to be disasterously wrong or malignant, then we have a problem. It is unfortunatly clear we have some serious problems.

Two recent examples I have encountered of this include a television interview I saw in which a lady declared BLM to be an electoral concern for her. Anouther is Nick Land’s assertion of the validity of International Relations Theory. I am researching both currently, and have come to the clear conclusion they are both foundation/elite created entities with no other coherence. They got pwnd.

This is really bad.

IR like all social science was funded into existence by the foundations. I will direct the reader to do a google search on this. It is disturbing.

This is the same with BLM which is a re-run of the civil rights era that is about to get anouther $100,000,000.

Both these individuals relied upon good faith that both these movements/issues were honest, intellectually coherent, and genuine cultural developments, when they are clearly not.

If they are not honest and intellectually coherent on their own terms, then other explanations must be sought, and it is clear to me they are only comprehensible as parts of the unsecure system directed at other parts.