Further response to Antinomia Imediata

Further to Antinomia’s new post, I would commend him on understanding the points that myself and Anomoly UK have made, but will also advise on another point which he is obviously not fully aware of (and this is understandable, as it has not been elaborated on properly) and this is that Moldbug was not advocating a return to medeival governance, and in fact on numerous occasions criticized it as containing the very solecism he wished to avoid – imperium in imperio.

The medieval system, despite its success in producing exceptionally functional societies was for all intents and purposes a patchwork of internal conflict. This again brings us back to De Jouvenel and his observations on how unsecure powers which are subject to blocks will act – total warfare until one is supreme. Once you see this mechanism, you will understand that it must be avoided at all costs, and you will see it everywhere -from BLM to the Anti-Corn Laws movement.

The fact of the matter is that the whole thought experiment of sovcorp is a useful training exercise for understanding this issue, with the profit motive providing a very simple and effective means of envisioning the concept of a society ordered towards a central good, thereby giving all actions within that society a context and a rational teleology towards which to direct. Is X good for the profit of the sov corp? yes – bingo you have a rudimentary Virtue Ethics in play and you have just left the liberal TRADITION in which the night watchman state is merely a baby sitter for everyone to pursue their own “good.” But this is just absolutist training wheels.

Also, I would argue constitutionalism is not a cybernetic point. I have seen Land make that point many times without it making any sense to me, because he has refused to engage De Jouvenel. If you place formal blocks on governance, then alternative meas to undermine those blocks will be used – the constitution cannot contain all eventualities. In addition, if sovereign power has checks, then those engaging the checks are sovereign – the logic is bizarre, and all the nonsense about balancing power is just that – nonsense.