Absolutist neoreaction spiritual purity

This isn’t going to be a very long post, but at least this means it will mercifully get to the point.

The Alt-Right is great, but it has no underlying premise as to how governance works. It is firmly within the democratic envelope in which politics is a matter of creating a list or program. The assumption appears to be that Trump will then implement this program. I don’t see it. The reason I don’t see it is that governance does not work like this in a divided system, and if you think it does, then you are a chump. There are checks and balances, and the only way to get around these is to engage actors in the “private sphere.” The left, which is to say, the dominant power centers in an unsecured system, have used criminals/ agitators, NGOs and Foundations to this end. Trump has nothing. For Trump to be able to implement any sort of change, he would need to engage in this sort of tactic, which does not really get us anywhere.

The alternative is the absolutist neoreaction tactic of a reset and a reorganisation of governance along secure lines. But this requires a government in exile, security, military and public support. This day will come eventually, and the work of building intellectually for it is now, because I don’t really see where the US system (and therefore the world system) goes from here, except into deeper chaos.

No one else is even remotely within the range of absolutist neoreaction, it is unique. Even the other branches of neoreaction are not even in the same universe, being openly Burkean (here and here and here: “Neoreaction is only a thing if some measure of consensus is achievable. Burke-on-steroids is an excellent candidate for that.”) and therefore liberal. To build intellectually, there has to be a concerted effort to keep out all the sewage such as Burkeanism, Buckleyism, and anything else that even smells of conservatism. It is over, dead, finished. Nobody cares about it. The whole premise that if “we just soften a bit on this we could push our support past 50%” is deranged and psychotic.  The attempt to maintain anything but chaos and destruction on a divided governance model is over. The attempt to build a system of ethics, and therefore a political order, on a property system built on 16th century gibberish is over.