A question of anthropology

Absolutist neoreaction is simply incompatible with vast areas of the Alt Right, maybe all of it. The Alt Right is openly democratic, based on an anthropology which is utterly liberal by virtue of A) being from that tradition and not questioning the underlying assumptions they carry on an unconscious level (hint: you reside in a tradition and do not profess abstract reality) and B) being prole to an absurd degree. In fact, the prole attention seeking, crassness and lack of house training by the institutions of liberal democracy are all that separate conservatism from the Alt Right. The lack of intellectual rigour and justification is striking. I don’t see any Giovanni Gentiles or Mussolini’s hanging around.

Of course, I count the other strands of neoreaction firmly in the Alt Right category as they also run on liberal anthropology. The key giveaway is the assumption of the individual before society. So Nietzscheans, Game Theorists, Marxists, Deleuze and Guattarians, advocates of democracy, Adam Smith capitalists, Libertarians, Burkeans, Hobbesians, Lockeans, “signalling” theorists, propertarians – none of these are compatible with Absolutist Neoreaction.

Anthropology is the corner stone, and rejecting liberal anthropology which asserts the individual prior to society is the cut off point. There are many roads that lead to this realisation, but once there, the only logical conclusion is that the modern structures of governance are not only wrong, but positively immoral. Unfortunately, those intellectual areas that have come to these conclusions correctly have been hamstrung by the almost impossible task of considering absolutists structures of governance. The divided and immoral systems of governance built on the back of modern anthropology are effective in being self reinforcing.

This mental block placed upon the idea of political institutions which are not in conflict both horizontally, and vertically is pernicious and leads to either an apparent attitude of resignation, or the advocacy of entities which are clearly not feasible (usually in the form of some sort of commune.)

Three areas clearly with great potential of convergence with absolutist neoreaction are Girardians, Generative Anthropologists and followers of Macintyre. It is notable that among the last group, both Rod Dreher and Ross Douthat express curiosity in neoreaction (or rather Moldbug) and now GA has a fantastic intellectual engagement via this blog (must read).  Of course, there is also the odd link with Thiel (a Girardian) as well.

Put simply, rejecting liberal anthropology results in rejecting the political organisations if followed logically to its conclusion. As MacIntyre notes regarding these organisations in After Virtue:

“Modern systematic politics, whether liberal, conservative, radical, or socialist, simply has to be rejected from a standpoint that owes genuine allegiance to the tradition of the virtues; for modern politics itself expresses in its institutional forms a systematic rejection of that tradition”

Engagement with these institutions is acceptance of liberal anthropology and acknowledgment of the individual prior to society – a total nonsense and a fraud.