Alt Right

What the Alt Right is as developed by Vox day. The Alt Right is largely incoherent as a concept, except as a middle rebellion in the De Jouvenelian scheme. Like the right before it, it has no intellectual leadership (being anchored to democracy) and so remains excessively dumb, and only any good as a punching bag upon which the left can beat and wind up for a new round of expansion. It is the northern conservatism identified by Rev. Dabney . It is a conservatism tied to no real principles, because it cannot be – being democractic. So, in the the interests of putting it on record and distancing from it cleanly, here is my brief take on Vox Day’s manifesto:

  1. The political right is a function of divided power systems creating a middle which is always the junior partner in the game by definition. It is the middle upon which power beats with the assistance of whatever low is available.
  2. Not seeing much difference between Conservatism and the Alt Right here. Perhaps he should explain this more.
  3. This is what Kirk basically wrote down in the principles Vox Day noted in point 2.
  4. Christianity, ok. European nations?  -this need clarification. Rule of Law – this betrays zero knowledge of European history. The idea that Rule of Law is a foundational pillar of European Civilization is bizarre.
  5. Nationalism was a liberal project. Again, no historical awareness.
  6. OK.
  7. OK
  8. What is science, and what is the scientific method? There are many. It is a cesspit, and any claim to “it” being obvious is simple mindedness.
  9. No, politics (as in political structure) is above everything.
  10. So the Alt Right would have been against the Manchu dynasty, a giant chunk of the medieval monarchies of the world, and colonial governance due to a Wilsonian principle? and it’s not progressive?!
  11. OK
  12. Strange wording
  13. OK
  14. OK
  15. OK
  16. OK

All the OK points have one question attached to them – how exactly is this to be brought about? A vote? a constitution with magic paper? an equally magical blockchain? and what is the overarching intellectual justification for all of this?