Reactionary Restoration Organisation (RRO) blueprint

Following the interesting events in Turkey, here is a general blueprint for the ascension of a Reactionary Restoration Organisation (RRO):

1) The sovereignty of the nation is paramount, and overrides all other considerations. Martial law will be in effect until necessary. All acts of criminality will be met with zero tolerance. The military will be engaged in domestic pacification of areas that have descended into savagery, and areas that have been colonized will be cleared. There is no liberty without order, and martial law must be implement to allow liberty. Full discretion will be supplied to local police forces and the military to deal with criminal elements free from liberal communist interference
2) The state is the ethical embodiment of the people within the state. All must be aligned with the state and the greater good of all that are descendants of the state. This does not include colonizer populations imported by the liberal regimes to maintain their power.
3) All property upon the ascension of the Reactionary Restoration Organisation (RRO) is formalised as the sovereign property it always was. All property is the property of the sovereign organisation. All subsequent delegated usage does not alienate this property.
4) All businesses which refuse to operate under the RRO will be free to sell at the full market price to the RRO and leave the nation. This option will only be offered once.
5) No power centers spreading liberalism, communism or any such rejections of sovereign property will be permitted. Individuals spreading communist liberal filth will be allowed to do so freely to demonstrate their impotence. They have no power without finance behind them. Power is above culture, and liberalism has risen by violence and fraud, not truth.
6) Democracy and all other forms of government are annulled. Sole control will be held by the RRO pending development into an absolute monarchy. Irresponsible and traitorous governance by influence through education, the civil service, corporations, philanthropic institutions, NGOs, foundations and the media will be utterly removed. All assets held by these institutions forming the democratic governance structure will be nationalized and liquidized.
7) Any foreign agents clearly working in line with the liberal governance structure of the international community, either directly, or in para-alliance, will be imprisoned or expelled at their choosing.
8) All civil servants, NGO staff, etc. will be retired will full benefits and barred from any position of influence on further matters.
9) All relations with the International Community will be conducted through a single point of communication directly with Washington. The charade of independent states will not be maintained.
10) All populations imported by the liberal regimes to entrench their rule will be subject to re-application for citizenship, and upon failure, will be subject to deportation or interned if the International Community will not allow their movement. The imported tools by which the liberal regime has colonized and terrorized the populations they originally governed to stay in power will not be allowed to remain and act as sources of power.
11) All actions conducted by the liberal regimes, including architecture, communist liberal education, and all filth parading as art and culture promoted by the liberal foundations will be treated with the disgust and disdain it deserves. The restoration will leave no area untouched.
12) A full audit of the records of the liberal communist international regime will be conducted to expose the lies and mechanisms by which it has operated.

*    a note on point 7 and 8, if your aim is to implement a manchesterised liberal state, then please don’t bother at all. Go home and don’t waste peoples time and lives. One only has to look at the events in Chile and Argentina in which the civil/ private distinction remained allowing for all of the subversives and left wing academics and lunatics who just happened to all be Ford Foundation et al grantees to be employed in the private sphere, rendering the whole enterprise a waste of time.