Absolute monarchy – the future

The concept of primary and secondary property in Moldbug’s thinking intrinsically makes the assertion that secondary property is still the property of the primary property’s holder. In short, this is an assertion that “private property” in the sense that one would find in libertarianism or even in mainstream conception of property are false, confused and utopian even. All property is neither open-access, public property, common property nor private property, instead it is primary property which has been chartered to individuals or groups within society. One only has to look at medieval Europe to see how this functions. Royal Charters were granted (which did not alienate the property), and in theory all land was owned by the monarchy, with subsequent holders (secondary) owning it in the sense of tenure.

Of course, monarchy was overthrown, and democracy was instituted in which no one held primary property rights, it is all secondary property. I think this is what we call capitalism. That capitalism has a hardcore centre of “utopia world without borders” smell to it is therefore explainable from this angle. This may also be used to explain a number of other oddities of capitalism.

But instead of letting liberal modernity take the initiative, and trying to critique its mess, it may be better to take the initiative ourselves here, and make some assertions.

Firstly, sovereignty is conserved, and all property within the sovereign’s domain is primarily theirs, with secondary holders enjoying usage of various aspects at their ( the primary holder’s) discretion. If the sovereign entity is a deluded organisation asserting that it is not the primary property owner, this does not invalidate this.

Secondly, primary property is a function of society in total. The sovereign cannot exist without the society in which it functions, and neither can their property rights. Humans are social animals that exist as a result of society and as a part of society at all times. There is no state of nature, this is a disgustingly stupid concept.

Thirdly, the only possible route to any sort of sanity in political organisation is for the re-establishment of a political order which acknowledges primary property. We need to establish monarchy. Not republican monarchy, not any other sort of figure head monarchy, but an actually monarchy, because a neo-cameralist corporation model state lacks the ability and authority to implement ethical necessities, because ethics are a sub set of politics, which is another example of an area of thought that has been rendered mentally incoherent by the rejection of primary property.