Judiciary as sovereign

I am just going to come out and say it, but the only way to win in a democracy is to arrange to take over the judiciary. Once the judiciary is captured, then a funneling effect can be put into effect in which all exceptions within a democratic system can be decided in your favor, because let us face it, the judiciary is the de facto sovereign in a democratic system once all the fluff, noise and nonsense is tuned out.

Once the judiciary is secure, then it is a case of violence being made acceptable against the elements of society that are inimical to your rule. In standard democracy, this is anything not left wing, as the judiciary being the combined result of the debased state of unsecure power is full of degenerates. Either the anti-fa and racist minorities are allowed free reign, or the right wing paramilitaries are. Currently it is the anti-fa et al.

There are  roughly two ways you attain a position in which the right wing get free reign, and this is either by the liberal structure being genuinely in danger from even more left wing crazies, or a political party sufficiently organised captures the judiciary via electoral means.Having to maintain a system in which the right wing are allowed free reign is not a desirable long term goal. The real prize from capturing the judiciary is using it as a means to boot load an executive capable of engaging in judgement.