Laissez faire? or agrarian primitivists?

From behind the scene discussion which I can’t take full credit for, it would seem that lunatics march in tandem with markets in a divided governance system.

Take for example the case of England and the corn laws. Let’s begin by labeling the free trade laissez faire advocates with a correct name, we can chose either “agrarian primitivists” or “agrarian communists” either works for me.  Laissez faire supporters in almost all ages were anti-industrialization, and anti-centralization of the state. That the concept of free trade and lassiaz faire is credited with the fruits of industrialization, when it (industrialization) is clearly the result of governmental centralization and active policy (including active non-intervention) is curious.

So let us imagine an alternate reality in which the UK had a governmental system that was significantly stronger and was able to merely make the change to agricultural importation policy to foster industrialization cleanly. Then we have no anti-corn law movement, no “classical liberal” lunatics and all of that crap which has been enshrined as the cause (when they were just the BLM of the day.) A good example can be seen in the orderly industrialization which occurred in Japan, and even the example of Italy in the 1930s. The idea that classical liberal laissez faire economics created industrialization is simply comparable to the idea that Rosa Parks and the rest of the black community were the instigators of the civil right era.

So from the very start, we can see markets and marxism marching in line in a divided governance structure, it is the only way to get anything done. Let the chimps loose to open the way for economic change. The free traders were chimps chimping out for social justice at the instigation of market actors

“The time might soon come when they might be called upon to inquire, as Christian men, whether an oligarchy which has usurped the government (Cheers), placed its foot on the Crown (Immense cheering, which continued some minutes), and trampled down the people (Continued cheering). – how far such an oligarchical usurpation was deserving of their moral and religious support (Immense cheering)….”

Markets and Marxism all the way.