The Anti-Corn Law Movement as a 18th century civil rights analogue

Is there such a thing as a deep state? I don’t think there is. I also don’t think anarcho-tyranny is a thing either. Both concepts are liberal concepts rooted in liberal mistakes over the nature of society and what humans are. There is no real division between the state and civil society as such. The connection between the two is inseparable, or rather, the separation is fantasy.

It seems that the fallacy of a separation of civil society and the state leads to the liberal democratic system, in which the state functions as a necessary evil protecting a society which operates spontaneously from the ground up. We know this is not true from simple observation, and indeed the implications of concepts such as sovereignty is conserved, imperium in imperio being a solecism, and power above culture  are that the state is always active and leading the rest of society by default. If you set up a formal structure which is designed to block the elite that make up the state from acting as a state (such as the republican structure is) then alternative means to act will be used by default.

If we take this as a starting point, and look at affairs accordingly, then we find that such things as the utilization of foundation funds to enact societal change make a great deal of sense in an extremely perverted and warped way. The idea is to let loose the crazies in society to act as means to break barriers allowing for planned change to occur – because simply ruling overtly and actively is not allowed, because of that state society split. This change is instigated by elites made crazy by the structure (and previous bouts of craziness), and they then have to let lose bigger crazies to defeat the right wing blocks. This lacks institutional memory, and as a result subsequent waves of elites start taking the older craziness seriously, despite their cynical usage (no one can keep a secret record to say – yeah we just let these nuts loose to achieve a more modest goal can they?) You can see it when you read the histories of foundations – the new generations have no idea why the older ones acted like they did, and take it for granted as totally sincere.

For a really good historical example of this all in action, see Prime Minister Peel’s usage of free trade Whigs to overcome the corn laws so as to foster industrialization. This is a clear case of using a bunch of crazies (the laissez-faire free trade advocates) to attack a part of the state apparatus to allow for pre-decided industrialization to occur. These crazies (who happened to be industrialists themselves) in turn worked to rile up worker strikes. The clear echo of this with the action of the elites in the civil rights era are not only striking, but obvious when you reject liberalism as valid and take up a reactionary view. This is civil rights “private funding” 18th century style. It is high-low again, and again.  The Whigs were total loonies and liars plain and simple, but the subsequent history is written with complete ignorance of what clearly happened. A healthy political arrangement would have included an executive which could have just made the strategic change in economic structure desired and allowed the elite to lead overtly and actively (shift import policy to make industrialization profitable), instead of fostering the free trade nuts, who are treated seriously even now. Think of the anti-corn law activists as the Martin Luther Kings of their day. Peel was the high, they were the rebellious tools. But England was clearly politically far gone by this point. So obviously laissez faire led to industrialization, it was the Whig that did it, just like the civil rights era was created by Martin Luther King.

There is no deep state as such, there is just the state operating though multiple convoluted mechanisms including going to war with itself. There is no state- civil society split, it is liberal nonsense, as the elite always rule actively, and do so either clearly and simply, or with a giant fraudulent edifice which is circumvented and added to with alternate means creating the need to foster crazies to get things done.