Institutional left wing violence

The Sacramento anti-facists clashes with white nationalists is shaping up to be a lesson in left wing violence’s usage by power in an unsecure political system.

I have been advised that the anti-fa protesters appears to be BAMN, of which Yvette Felarca is a member. But if you wish to donate to BAMN or find out more info, you need to email Yvette at For all intents and purposes we can really consider BAMN and the UEAA as a joint operation. The UEAA is the United for Equality and Affirmative Action Legal Defense Fund, whose funding page can be found here. You can see the usual array of Foundation funding and “NGO” funding.

Looking into their (UEAA’s) 990s in more detail, shows the following:

The fund seem to have started in 2001-2 (BAMN predates, and their connection began in 2003 – more on that later)

Their income is as follows:
2001 – $25,000 income
2002 -$58,000 income
2003 -$208,000 income ($154,000 spent on travel – strange, what happened here?)
2004 – $57,000 income
2005 – $0.00 income
2006 -$0.00 income
2007 – $0 income
2008 – $54,000 income
2009 – $51,000 income
2010 – $41,000 income
2011  – $32,000 income
2012  – $30,000 income
2013 – $42,000 income

all 990s can be downloaded here:

This organisation could not do anything at all without this money. The simple truth of this seems to get lost. The money literally brings it into being.

It is not clear who gave them the $208,000 dollars in 2003 which sticks out like a sore thumb. But it would seem the spending on travel was related to this 50,000 person march organised by BAMN, but funded by UEAA, over this supreme court case. It was not the Ford Foundation directly, nor was it the Kellogg Foundation directly that paid, but they may have indirectly. It would be interesting to find out where it came from.

Always look for the high in the clash.