Human Rights

I am currently reading a book on the human rights influence of the Ford Foundation, and it would appear that human rights as a concepts was not a result of Hitler and the Nazis, but was put into gear following the military coups in South America, primarily Pinochet, as well as the civil war in Argentina. It seems that Pinochet and the Argentinians were removing subversive intellectuals (always referred to as social scientists) from academia, the majority of who seem to have been Ford Foundation grantees. Once removed from academia, these social scientists found employment in private social science foundations (a total of 49 were made in Chile alone) funded by the Ford Foundation.

Chile’s economy was then passed to the Chigago boys whose training program was funded by the Ford Foundation (the Berkely Mafia and Indonesia is an interesting further area of study- the role of the foundations is almost total.)

The implication is that this conflict was a civil war between US centers of power, all funded from the same place, all pretty much pushing the same thing. Think of it as the right liberals advocating Strawberry flavored uber freedom liberalism, while the left advocates banana flavoured uber freedom liberalism, then they both go to war by proxy in Chile. The strawberry flavoured uber freedom liberalism got the upper hand, so the banana flavoured uber freedom liberalism vendors then went back to the drawing board  and developed a new flavour – chocolate chip flavoured uber freedom liberalism. All of this uber freedom liberalism are obviously totally different.  Chocolate chip flavoured liberalism is of course human rights. All the while both competing against vanilla flavored uber freedom liberalism from Russia.

So, the creator of this human rights push was a man named David Heaps, who pops up in the Congo with Lumumba. Who knows what skeletons show up there. He appears to have merely jerry rigged the whole thing together and then back dated the creation to the UN declaration of human rights. The book’s author is pretty confused about the lack of mention of human rights by Foundation texts until the 70’s despite the UNDHR being much older. I am not. The motivations for jerry rigging this into existence is clearly to give excuse for attacking “authoritarian” and “rightest” regimes.

The upshot of this is that human rights were clearly created in response to “rightist” success in South America. This makes human rights a power creation as a means to attack “the right.” Power above culture. As an added bonus, Korey’s book detailing all this was funded by the Ford Foundation. You couldn’t make it up.

The foundations funded “freedom” and “liberalism” which meant they went to civil war with themselves. Right liberals versus left liberals.

Also, the amount of grassroots level development of culture appears to be extremely limited. It seems to all come from power with minor exceptions. Money is the logistic backbone of culture. This is extremely problematic for liberal theory’s intellectual validity; lethal to it in my opinion.

Added: This was brought to my attention. The time line for human rights matches with the Foundations funding glut. An interesting study would be to match Foundation funding and interests with the trends in this graph.