Brexit- to where?

The political discourse around the UK exit from the EU is fundamentally shot. It’s a case of watching various groups throwing disconnected slogans based on narratives that have been built up based on nonsense and political conflict. At no point in any of this is a sober analysis of the historical context in play. But this is not surprising. This is the same with all political discourse. Even those areas claiming to be way out of the mainstream.

To start with, what exactly is the EU? Well, back in the mist of history, it seems that the EU was largely a US and UK instigated political organisation funded heavily by US foundation and the US secret services to bring US style progressive democracy to the European continent. That they were  avenues by which the US elite enacted proactive policy outside of the formal structure of liberal democratic governance should be no surprise to my readers, in fact it should be expected in line with De Jouvenel.

As with pretty much every aspect of modern culture, funding from these same areas was super charged with the geopolitical necessity of out-liberalising the Soviet Union; or did you think the Soviet Union and communism were really different from Liberalism? jokes on you. The list of cultural creations funded by foundations and the CIA include at last count: modern art, most European intellectuals such as George Orwell, Isaiah Berlin, etc, feminism, human rights, international relations, behaviourism. It wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out Scoody Doo was a CIA/ Foundation enterprise at this point.

The main driver for the instigation of the EU was the American Committee on United Europe, which was run by OSS/CIA elite, who were also connected with the foundation running elite (same people.) The wiki page notes (brace yourselves):

“The structure of the organisation was outlined in early summer of 1948 by Donovan and Allen Welsh Dulles by then also reviewing the organization of theCentral Intelligence Agency (CIA).[2] in response to assistance requests by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi () and Winston Churchill.

Declassified American government documents have shown that the ACUE was an important early funder of both the European Movement and the European Youth Campaign. The ACUE itself received funding from the Rockefeller and Ford foundations.

The EU then, is an Anglo-American creation, but this is obfuscated by the political lie machine that is democracy and the ideological battles of those operating in democracy. The sins of liberalism have been cast onto the EU structure, and it has been denounced despite being a liberal production par excellence.

So, given this sordid little history, what was voted on with the referendum? Quite frankly it was a vote to remove political control from a supranational liberal/progressive organisation created and controlled by the anglo-elite, to only political control by a national liberal/progressive organisation (UK parliament) controlled by the anglo-elite.

Now forget all of this history, and remember, evil grubby collectivist communists the grew from Russia and infiltrated the EU are the real problem,and totally different from liberalism. ROFL.

Added: “The history of the ACUE can also be interpreted as part of what the late Christopher Thorne termed America as ‘an idea nation’ exporting its values and political culture.