Neoreaction makes no sense.

In case it isn’t painfully obvious at this point, De Jouvenel based analysis clearly identifies the left wing as being the elite in society. The elite will always be the elite, unless you subscribe to genetic denialism and general anti-racism. The prevalence of nobility in Marxism, Liberalism and other branches of leftism are sufficient evidence of this. In a secure governmental system not made up of “checks and balances” and other imperium in imperio devices these people would be formal nobility, able to govern through judgement and custom.

With imperium in imperio governance systems such as republicanism and communism (variant of republicanism) This elite is unable to govern in a sane manner. Instead they are subject to systemic incentives that favour the usage of extra-republican measures to rule. This manifests in such things as the usage of private fortunes to act in a proactive manner which the republican system “halts”, just see what the elites do in this system from recorded examples, not from sterile hilariously wrong conclusions taken from liberalism starting points (I am thinking of Ayn Randism escape/exit nonsense.)

To make matters worse, this divided governance structure dopes the government with a mixture of hallucinogens and steroids which makes this elite hyper psychotic, and hyper aggressive in pursuing battle against these blocks to their rule. This is where we see modern culture, this is where we see anti-racism which can only be caste in a coherent light by reference to this battle to overcome the blocks on governance. First abolitionism and its usage against federal blocks, then the civil rights era and its usage as a means to circumvent the remaining shreds of constitutional blocks on governance. Each time, the motive for circumventing this blocks becomes more and more surreal as the previous hysterical psychosis becomes ingrained in the power structure. Each round of psychosis part sincenre and part cynical, but no one maintains a record of this, no one lives long enough to be able to tie the threads together, instead the shape of the system is king and each round thinks they are innovating the process anew.

The elite are then augmented by the low within society whom they rile up and organise against the blocks. The civil rights era example of this is invaluable. The worse these people act, the more power this supplies to the elite against the blocks. High and low.

This makes it clear that the right is the middle, which in a republicanism structure devotes itself to maintaining blocks, thereby completing the left-right spectrum. The right is continually pruned of anything too extreme to republicanism by default. The laws of the republican structure, as well as pressure from the elite residing in the left wing part of society bounds it in most cases.

Right and left, as we can then see, are symptomatic of republican government. Not biological, not personality based.

Now, at this point we can go from descriptive to prescriptive and make comment. Firstly, you have two broad options for achieving a rollback of the degeneracy of the imperium in imperio system.  The first is to disregard the system as a cause of this disgusting state of affairs, in which case alternative causes are sought. Just look at the state of what is termed the right for the profusion of theories put forward which completely ignore the system itself. From Nazism, to conservatism, to Alt-Rightism, and now Neoreaction (a confused subsection of the Alt-right, differentiated by nothing more than posturing and anti-humanism). The process in this situation is to invent a platform of things which “should” be done and then push for success within the imperium in imperio system with the implicit assumption that new laws will just be implemented to make things “right wing.” Maybe this would work with extreme effort for a generation at best, maybe not even that. The system’s own telos will then take over and the need to engage in degeneracy to overcome blocks to what the elite feel needs to be done will be engaged, again, part in sincerity, and part in cynicism. You are on the road to degeneracy again, or rather, progress and the march of history as those empiricist Whigs will tell you with a straight face.

The other option is to reject this imperium in imperio structure. That was surely Neoreaction before it got taken over by the alt-right (or should we say alt-left?)

Should the anti-humanist alt-rightist occupying the name really hold claim to it? Does that make any sense?