Neorection has failed drastically.

It is indistinguisable from a watered down Alt-Right.

It is the combined result of incoherent/ functionaly anti-Moldbug gatekeeping by the Hestia society via Social Matter, Nick Land via Xenosytems and the NRx aggregator.

It is, for all intents and purposes, republican by default.

There is no solid core of intellectually disciplined gatekeepers conversant in the theory raised by Moldbug.

By all standards of new political paradigms, Neoreaction has folded into the exact opposite of the founding point (rejection of divided governance) at record breaking speed.

Neoreaction should be wrapped up at the earliest possible chance by Hestia. Any radical idea going against the current system should be sheltered and protected with prejudice. Hestia has not only not done this, but has promoted the status quo system (republicanism.)

Ideas and schools of thought only maintain with strong gatekeeping.