Why I am not a neoreactionary redux

A while back I made some predictions along the following lines:

Neoreation was not based on Moldbug.

Moldbug’s UR is basically a rejection of competitive division in governance. Neoreaction is an advocate of republicanism.

UR is Carlye and De Jouvenel inspired; which is to say it is a capturing of an analysis and critique of division of governance. Neoreaction is Liberal inspired as instigated by Nick Land at the Xenosystems blog.

UR working from solid ground with Carlyle, De Jouvenel (and additionally it would seem) Carrol Quigley’s insights provides a series of additional analyses based on observable historically recorded behaviour. Neoreaction is a collection of Whig fantasies.

UR is an advocacy of cephalisation in governance (monarchy, CEO, dictator.) Neoreaction is republican and libertarian.

UR side steps and makes redundant the liberal right – alt-right, Nazism, conservatism etc by rejecting the very system (divided governance) which led to their creation from the central mechanism of societal conflict. Neoreaction embraces all of these.

So was I correct? Seems so. Just look at this quote:

“Who are the important neo-reaction thinkers?…

Those who come immediately to mind are Aristotle, Hobbes, Montesquieu, Jonathan Swift, Benjamin Franklin, John Calhoun, James Fitzjames Stephens, Nietzsche, Carl Schmitt, Martin Heidegger, and Lee Kuan Yew.”

A “night of the long knives” to eject the advocates of imperium in imperio was needed long ago. It did not happen, so now they rule the roost and neoreaction is nothing more than liberalism. It is another ideology that takes political theory as a blank canvas upon which to paint their own visions of what should be. “Race realism” is no anchor for liberalism, and neither is “muh capitalism”, nor a constitution when the institutions within society act upon their own telos. The process goes like this:

Design wonderful divided government with X, Y and Z systems and rules —> divided centers then engage in war regardless, because that’s the logical process you have set off —-> blame the actors for not following the rules: because true commun…liberalism hasn’t been tried.

Just sprinkle some more fairy dust and design more rules obviously.