Failure of perspective

The next time you come accross an article about racism, white privilege, the wonders of diversity, liquid gender and why tranny toilet etiquette is the key issue of governance, please stop and ask yourself how that author/intellectual got his/her job, who paid for the job, who set up the organisation, where did they learn this stuff, and who set  up that organisation. If your answer is “Jews” then please read some history. Even the civil rights era wasn’t bankrolled by jews (see here, though they are in on the funding party now (also anti-liberal funding it should be noted.)

Jews were clearly active in the civil rights era, and they obviously had a great deal of animosity to non-Jewish society, as well as Jewish society. Activists are necessarily angry restless people, but without express cover from power actors, they are harmless. The civil rights era is one in which Jewish resentment, utopianism and crazyness was let of the leash in the same format that German troops full of resentment, utopianism and crazyness were let off the leash in pre-war Germany in the form of the Freikorps. Power works with the active restless sections of society in its divided fraudulent form.

Sometimes you really do have to just listen to what your enemies are saying;

“Before Bundy, you couldn’t get in at the Ford Foundation to see the time of day,” says Jack Greenberg, head of the legal defence fund.”