That Macafee video

If you are epileptic, do not watch this video from John Macafee. Do not watch it. In fact, don’t bother watching it at all. I can sum it up as the following : We must exit/ kill politics to become libertarians which is good and synonymous with technological process. People, can this be anymore wrong? At all?

Let us break this down a bit. We must end politics, how? By becoming libertarians. OK, how does this allow us to exit politics? Well, we all become our own government in effect, so that everyone is their own king, beholden to no one. …so everyone becomes a politician then? Right? So, the solution to ubiquitous politics, brought to us by classical liberalism, is to make everyone a politician. Hum, ok. That sounds like it should work. Let me proscribe some bloodletting for the gaping wound on your leg while we are at it. You can’t bleed if you have no more blood left, right? Makes sense.

Macafee, head over to the darkside to end politics. Drop the quackery.