cultural marxist muppets

 has been raising questions about the rise of the new left and exactly how it came to be. A couple a of commentators have been providing interesting details of the geneology of cultural Marxism, but the discussion is flawed by a failure to appreciate that power dictates culture, not vice versa. This assumption leads people to assume that thinkers in the new left developed new concepts which then spread through some enlightening process (not clear how) and then warped society. The truth is more interesting, and it absolves Marxist to a great degree.

Marcus Cicero is recorded as saying that the sinews of war are infinite money, and this holds true for culture as well. When one looks at how cultural Marxist had such an overwhelming influence, we have to look at how they managed to fund their adventures, because without funding they could not do anything. They would just be whack jobs no one listened to. So who paid them? Short answer – the liberal elite.

There are vast conspiracy theories involving the liberal elite and Marxism, all hold treasure troves of information but apply a ridiculously flawed model to the information. The very same people funding the likes of Marcuse and the entire “Marxist” cadre of new left lunatics were basically liberals, progressives or ultra Calvinists. These liberals had a stock political theory which involved “liberty” and equality and market freedom. Just look at the real power behind who unleashed the new left and supplied their war with the sinews of infinite money, which was then used to push laws– The Rockefellers, McGreorge Bundy who was everywhere in the Kennedy government after going through the CFR elite (recall the Milner group), Alan Pifer (doesn’t even have his own wiki page, but has a really interesting entry under the Carnegie company), Moorfield Story the founder of the NAACP (along with a whole host of liberal Jews and other Brahmin –all liberal/ republican/ progressive/ reform etc.) the list goes on, and their lack of presence in the spot light is telling. Without these guys MLK is a preacher, Rosa Parks is some dumb woman sitting at the back of the bus, Marcuse is probably a high school teacher or bureaucrat.

These guys were not Marxists, and were not in some big conspiracy to push Marxism. Just read the republican drivel they wrote. They were gatekeepers pushing liberalism, but using Marxist” lunatic foot soldiers, just like they still doing using feral human foot soldiers in places like Fergusan. Want to drum up a mess to liberalise society for the proletariat revolution and attack those racists who oppose us? Hum, here is some money. Go get em! We need our “vibrant and tolerant” open societies. We need our world republic of free markets.

The Marxist and new left lunatics that get to be the public face of the liberal machine are an excellent camouflage. The only problem with this is that these people when funded like crazy then get into position of building their own little academic fiefs, and the thing starts going extra crazy. But even this problem becomes an opportunity, as you can still direct the nutters towards enemies of liberalism, even if it is over ever increasingly absurd concepts. The whole time the victims of this assault keep blaming “Marxists.”

It is pretty impressive.

This tells you that the new left was created by money being hosed at any idiot calling for “liberalism” no matter what their putative aims were. Who cares about that? Their jobs is to wreck things to free society, they were never going to take over. That’s not their role.