On Republicanism

I have directed a lot of criticism toward the intellectual output of the Xenosystems blog and connected blogs influenced by Land, so today I thought I might say something positive about this area. Firstly, by actually taking up a position of critique of the rejection of Republicanism that forms the core of Unqualified Reservations, Land has put himself (at the risk of this being an oxymoron) at the forefront of Republican intellectual thought. There is nothing else around that is even remotely in this area of thought.

In general the Republican tradition is given as just being clearly correct, with the idea of not having checks and balances simply not computing. As a result, this concept is treated as a de facto resolved issue. It’s fact. Land being a republican anti-body has reacted against a threat to Republicanism and has ignited thought about how Republicanism can be refreshed. To say I have an issue with this happening under the guise of reaction is not something that would surprise anyone.

The idea of placing a constitution on a blockchain, of automating checks and balances and of developing block chain law within this framework is something genuinely new. But it is deeply flawed for many reasons, but primarily by a failure to get to grips with the ramifications of De Jouvenel, which is understandable, because even De Jouvenel failed to do so. Within the frame, we can see Hoppe’s criticisms of Democracy as being a Jouvenelian direction of looking for better blocks, as can also be seen with Szabo’s thoughts (whilst not being directly De Jouvenel linked as far as I am aware.) Anything which is designed to secure greater liberty for the individual at the expense of power by virtue of self protection and defence against power is systemically republican, simply put.

To say that this whole tradition, which is modernity – the system, has been an utter disaster is a core insight of Moldbug. This system has not added to technological development, this is Whig fallacy contained within Whig history. This system has done nothing more than place western governmental systems, and then colonial and foreign governmental systems on a diet of psychotics which have laid waste to much of the world. The true severity of the damage being covered by technological development and ideological delusion created by a narrative that has been central to maintaining this system. Technological advances are again not connected in a positive manner to the republican governmental system anymore than they are connected to what colour underwear people have worn. The claim, or rather, casual and smug assumption to the contrary has zero evidence backing it up. The argument that the utter rancid stupidity of this political theory has created insanity which has incentivized technological development to balance it out has more potential as far as I am concerned, but this is quite silly to entertain as a positive. It would be like celebrating the spread of AIDs for incentivizing AIDs drug development.

Take a look at the example of Russia, it adopted a constitution in 1906 in line with the pressure to do so from liberals and communists and from that point onwards utter psychosis has rained down on them. Republican governance in Germany and throughout the British Empire, as well as China- basically everywhere, has been the starting gun for untold devastating and destruction, or it was proceeded by devastation to enact it (which always continued/ continues afterward.) Every Communist regime has been republican, not fake republican, not sham republican- actual republican. They all had constitutions. We all have google, so you can go check this yourself.

So Land, Hoppe etc and the rest of the neo-republicans, neo-communists, neo-neo-liberals, neo-Whigs or whatever new name you want to give them are acting as the intellectual spearhead for checks and balances, which are the exact cause of the screaming insanity we see when governance concludes that placing millions of people in concentration camps is necessary, mandating that man are women (and vice versa) is righteous and that the definition of golf should be decided by law. Only Republicanism could create such a litany of bizarreness. No human brains (collectively or not) could conceive of this level of stupidity by themselves without some serious incentive. Republicanism in placing society at war with itself provides such an incentive in spade fulls, which is the exact point made by De Jouvenel, and the exact point that is not addressed by Republicans, Imperium in imperio advocates and hyper-sovereign advocates.