Reactionary organisation

The only question of any value in reaction is the rejection of republicanism. Republicanism within which power is systematically constrained ( a solecism) is not reactionary. It truly isn’t. This entire tradition and concept is the core of modernity, and it must be caste out with prejudice.

The level of intellectual squalor that accompanies this issue is striking, as Liberal mental infection acts as a kind of tinted glass through which everything must be seen in liberal colors. A prime example of this is that of the citing of the model of a joint stock corporation as a guide to a reactionary organisation. Corporations when they function adequately do so because they are structured with authority flowing down, and they possess specific goals. This aspect of economics is largely skirted over by liberal political economy, and instead market forces are lauded as the king of all. This is very strange isn’t it? When it comes to the state, all forms of republican checks are cited as needed, but corporations never have to. When such attempts were made, as you could argue was the case with unions, they were defeated.

The record is actually very clear. Whenever republicanism and imperium in imperio are introduced into the political system, the system either slowly expands to flood everything with politics (as in the case of feudalism’s collapse) or the process is rapid and dramatic (Soviet Russia, Republican France.) Either way, the ultimate result is the exact opposite of the aim of checks and balances – Politics everywhere. We are so far down the road that government has begun to legislate who can use the toilet, and where.

This process whilst being augmented by technology is not dictated by it. The central problem is the logical incentives that a divided governance structure supplies to the actors within it to engage in degeneracy in an act of conflict with those who block their way. This is the inevitable alliance between the centralizing power and the low in society. To see this then conclude that we just need better blocks is still Liberalism. You are a Whig, a Commie, Libertarian, or whatever other name is given to the various epiphenomena of this same process.

To make the leap into rejecting imperium in imperio is pure reaction. It is the basis of reaction. The structure of governance cannot be accepted as being subject to checks and balances. Authority flows down, and any organisation and separation of powers can only be in such as a way as to be complimentary and organisational- and not conflict producing. The example of differing bosses in a corporation being divided among differing departments is a key example. It is really is bizarre that the only applicable example in the modern world is the corporation.