Zero chance of success

White people won’t secede. Super empowered individuals won’t pull an Ayn Rand. Secession won’t solve a thing and won’t even be allowed in any significant way, as we saw with decolonisation.

Any prediction factored on Alt-Right Liberal/Lockean proto anti-racism is ultimately wrong. Shockingly wrong. Not only can it not predict, it can’t even explain what has happened. In their minds, rebellions and revolutions are won by the pitchfork weilding revolutionaries and the awakened masses. Hence we see the excitement with activism, and with “winning” within democratic systems.

Mobs and masses do nothing by themselves. “Super empower individuals” are just people waiting to be imprisoned, or used by one power centre against anouther. History may record the rebels and revolutionaries as being driving forces, but it takes little research to find the handprints of power all over them in the background. Power always disowns the links, and it gets consigned to conspiracy theory, or skipped over with incredulity (the CIA funded feminism? and it is on record? That’s got to be a conspiracy theory haha.)

The Trump run, rejection of gun control, white identity politics, the alt-right – all of this is just winding the system up for a crackdown and expansion unless there is an actor in power that benefits from its success.

I don’t see it.