Division of power zombies

Liberalism is like a zombie outbreak. Once the core premise of division of power infects something, the virus spreads and people turn from being able to process reality, to being dribbling zombies, and why wouldn’t they? They are incentived against internal enemies not reality. The only remedy is isolation and removal.

Once rejection of the zombie virus of imperium in imperio is achieved, and sufficient anti-bodies exist to keep it away, then the task of rebuilding sanity is at hand.

Firstly, the existing political structure is shot. There is no reforming it. Infiltration, march through the institutions, subversion etc all rely on bribing, trading power and the spoils of destruction. These are all structurally poison. In short, the only solution is the reset, so you need an organisation with the express goal of non-interaction with the current political structure, unless circumstance present themselves which are usefull for implenting the goals of the organisation, which amounts to reset. No softening of this goal is permissable- that is the eagle that must not fall.

Secondly, the liberal concept of the human which has been determined by political expediency and imperium in imperio conflict is null and void. All of the mainstream elite opinions of gay people, women, blacks, muslims and everyone else has been determined by historical conflict between power centers due to division of power. I am all ears if anyone doesn’t agree with this, but I fail to see how anti-slavery, feminism, gender mainstreaming etc as well as Cartesian philosophy and liberal individualism were not just the results of power conflict. The alternative is the discovery of some new truth or manifest destiny, which no one is able to explain.

Free from the burdon of having to take liberal anthropology seriously, everything opens up. It all had the rigor of superstition, and now that power in the current structure, and on the current structure’s inherent terms, is rejected, there is no need to tailor theory to be acceptable to it.