Political structure dictates culture

A new conception of political history is need if the accuracy of the Moldbuggian system is accepted, as in effect it is implied by this system that not only does power dictate culture by virtue of what if funds, but also by what it proscribes due to internal logic.

This conception is frankly an assertion that Christianty morphed into Liberalism because unsecure power logically squeezed to death anything that did not progress to individuation and support of rule by Central Power. Liberalism is in effect the symptom of unsecure power, and you can see it in the total intellectual emptiness of Liberalism. It makes no sense.

If this is accepted, then Marxism is a Liberal heresy, which also gave rise to a heresy of it’s own in the form of Fascism.¬†Liberalism is the key enemy. All else is distraction.

Marxism in particular has managed to become a punch bag for all degeneracy in right wing liberal circles, despite Marxism being at best a patsy. Marxism does not greatly deviate from Liberalism in any serious way. The intellectual tradition of Marxism is derived from such thinkers as Adam Smith and Locke. Marx took the determinism and the concept of an objective basis of society that you see in modern political economy and went from there. What aspects of Marxism became applicable in given political situations can everywhere be seen to be dictated by power.

In societies in which a battering ram was needed to destroy existing structures, revolutionary Hegalian infused Marxism which allowed for human action and agency was funded and encourged. See Leninism in the USSR and see 3rd world revolutionary movements. The iron law is applicable. Once these movements took power, this strand naturally became defunded and unsupported. See Stalin’s purge of Hegelian Lennism and pushing of strict determinism for example. Clearly Stalin did not believe this, but why would he not propagandize that his rule was deterministic?

Anouther good example which demonstrates this mechanism in the case of Fascism is provided by Mussolini’s shift from determinism to a Hegalian influence via Gentile, who himself extracted and elaborated on the praxeology of Marx. Human agency was embraced, as to attain power he needed to eject determism.

In more recent examples, the fate of Marxism in academic circles is clear. Anything seriously threatening to power is starved, and only such thinking that individuates whilst being friendly to central power is supported.

The political structure of society determines culture. This insight is oil to liberal water, the two concepts cannot exist together.