Independence Ideology

Land over at Xenosystem proposes Neoreaction is a political ideology orientated to the promotion of independence. Obviously, I cannot resist offering my opinion on this, and my opinion is, yes, yes it is.

You see, Neoreaction can be summarized as anti-moldbug. The criteria for Neoreaction seems to be that you have read Moldbug (even from secondary sources) and then disagree with him on the central core of his theory. Land for instance, has zero agreement with Moldbug’s theory, and at best borrows the nomenclature and resultant conclusions if it suits him, and then disregards the underlying theory. He is not the only one. This underlying theory is De Jouvenel’s theory of  unsecure power creating what is subsequently termed Universalism, and therefore the Cathedral. De Jouvenel did not take his theory as far as Moldbug did, and did not add the additional conclusion that the route out of this problem is to have secure power.Rejecting this theory is Neoreaction. So, yes, Land is correct in that Neoreaction is an ideology of independence. It is whatever you want it to be, as long as it rejects De Jouvenel and Moldbug.

To make matters even more ridiculous, once you reject this core of theory, then you are left with…not much. At best, you have re-heated libertarianism, Randianism, Liberalism, recycled Reaganism, it is a bit of a mess. Trying to fuse “race realism” in with this is of no consequence, as the De Jouvenel derived theory tells you this is just worthless posturing. The structure of of power is central, not whatever political platform you wish into existence.

From the De Jouvenelian position, Neoreaction is just the flailing about of opponents of Central Power. But I very much doubt this criticism will actually be addressed. Either it is not understood, or people are acting in bad faith and trying to use the attention to propagandize for their pet theories.

Another avenue of criticism of Neoreaction is simply observing how the elite act (which confirms the Moldbug/ De Jouvenel theory, by the way.) The idea of exit, fortified city states, and CEO gods exiting society as per Rand is made laughable by the exploits of these very same CEOs. Just look at Davos, look at the foundations, and look what people like Soros, Zuckerberg, Ford, Rockefeller, etc. did, or do. Humans really don’t behave as the Randian theory wishes.

The whole individualism versus collectivism argument is also one which only makes sense within the mess of modern political theory, in which you have Cartesian individuals reasoning why they should be part of society. This is where Locke, Hobbes, the social contract theory, the state of nature issue and all the rest of the modern mess comes from. Neoreaction is frankly liberal, it does not exit this tradition at all. Moldbug does, and that is something worth preserving and Neoreaction is disastrous for this.