Finding new ground

Libertarians are showing no sign of making the leap to realizing that a state is need for liberty, and are stuck in auto-pilot. There is no convergence coming from this angle. This is not that surprising, as libertarians are just aggressively anti-state, which in an era of progressive governance is understandable, but there is no sign of an intellectual leap to Carlyle inspired reaction. The anarchism, anarcho-capitalism and general rabid individualism will be clung to. Even when faced with the crushing insights of De Jouvenel, one of their best (Hoppe) did not make the leap. It is not happening. Leave them to irrelevance and confused cheer leading for that individualism which has been used by unsecure power as a weapon against society, and leave them to the lauding of Randian supermen oligarchs who are channeling their money into promoting all of the degeneracy through donations and foundations.

This leaves open the question of where a possible intellectual base can be found for reactionary development, and this must surely come from a section of the left which does not reject encephalisation. This raises the question of where on the left?, and could a convergence on reactionary thinking on the role of the state come about? The precedence for this appears to be the convergence of socialism, nationalism and anarcho-sydicalism which led to the formation of Fascism.

Libertarianism is a dead end.