Confirmation of the iron law

Trump’s rally being subject to political violence as a means to close them down, and the clear angst demonstrated by the elite at the support he is drawing on reveal two things 1) Trump is an enigma and 2) Moldbugs analysis is broadly correct.

Starting with point one, it has to be asked – what is Trump thinking? Despite the pressing cynicism occasioned by politicians who have been churned out by the political parties of the west, it has to be borne in mind as De Jouvenel teaches, that people move towards positions of power out a complex mix of motivations, one of which absolutely consists of altruism. What is he up to, and what is his game plan?

As for the second point, the breaking up of the rally was not done directly by the governance. The police did not close them down, they we not subject to official censure, but instead non-government actors “spontaneously” arranged themselves and caused the closure of the rally. Now, given previous posts, let us see what links these protesters had to the power system. This article is a useful source of information at a pinch, the general sense of exhilaration at the blatant transgression of any sense of decency is clear from the article as well, it is a really good read. For example:

“organizers who planned to disrupt the event from inside had designated multiple rallying points around the venue to avoid arousing suspicion of authorities with large congregations. Some met at the Papa John’s, others at the Quad.

As activists slipped into the lines, they were told to blend in with the crowd and act natural.”

If your complaint against this is that it is against the spirit of the rules, then you might be a cuckservative.

As for the groups involved, the article cites the following groups: Black Student Union, Fearless and Undocumented as well as insinuating the involvement of the same groups involved in protesting the McDonald shooting, which will primarily be the Black Lives Matter group.

Black Lives Matter is clearly funded up the wazoo by everyone from Soros to Google, as is, which is, you guessed it, funded by the big boys. It is a piss poor rerun of the civil rights era. The liberal Democracy Alliance is nothing new, nor very innovative, but it does put a serious hole in the bow of the constitutionalism ship. If the constitution and general rules stop the elite doing what they want directly, then they will pool their wealth outside of the official structures and then fund attacks upon the blocks. Good luck with blockchaining a defence against that.

As for Fearless,Undocumented, Centro Sin Fronteras, the Black Student Union, the Muslim Students Association and the rest of the bewildering array of grievance groups, I have zero doubt that a review of their funding will reveal close links to the current political structure in some form or other which will confirm the theory of ‘the iron law of rebellious tools’.

The problem which is not being directly acknowledged in all this, is that in effect, democracy is a civil war in which recourse to resources outside of the institutional conflict mechanisms provides decisive victory if only one side engages in it. This is the essence of the success of the high-low mechanism. Instead of engaging in direct conflict with threats and enemies (divisions of power means making parts of society enemies, this has to be acknowledged) the elite allows, uses, or encourages third parties to attack their enemies.

We can see with Liberal democracy over the past 100 or so years, that the progressive elite have brought on a constant array of scum to act as shock troopers against the laws and blocks against them, and have done so by pooling wealth outside of the official structures if needed (foundation money, oligarch money, corporation money.) The conservative trailing group, is always a remnant of whiny losers complaining that the laws are not being adhered to properly whilst trying to engage in dialogue. This is tantamount to admitting defeat to a greater enemy, yet not wanting to end the war. The Alt-right is doing the same thing with its constant whining about free speech, right of assembly and “Muh” democracy.

As far as I can see, there are roughly two serious options – total surrender of all resistance to progressives, which they will not allow at all. The war (democracy,) must be maintained. The other is realization that if you are going to seriously go at the Cathedral, then you better have a plan which acknowledges reality. The first point of reality is that if you make yourself a serious threat, then those fluffy human rights loving progressives will happily let you be torn apart by a pack of feral “protesters” and will hold back protection from the government as they do it. The second point is that if you are relying on the laws of “muh” democracy and the official institutions to act correctly in accordance to fair play, or some other childish notion, then you are going to be destroyed.

The only way to win is to have alternative structures in place which embody a complete separation from the current structures of governance, and embody a completely new endoxa which has resurrected the reactionary thought that was destroyed through military removal and destruction by power due to unsecure governance. This structure will then need the means to defend itself, and meet “dialogue” with a clear and firm response.