Anomaly UK’s post has pushed me to elaborate on something implicit in the order-chaos spectrum of left and right which is utterly indispensable.

Liberalism is more left wing than communism. Especially in relation to economics.

This means AnomolyUk’s citing of the nationalisation pull back as a rightward movement is incorrect. In fact, when it is considered that Communism was a reaction to Liberalism, and that economic organisation has been a constant of human history, then as far as I see the only error was in communism`s usage of economic control for progressive goals (equality, the proletarian dictatorship etc.)

Communism (impure leftism) is therefore a warped reaction to liberalism (pure leftism) which retained the delusional goals.

Free trade is leftism. It is utopian leftism of an extremity that is incredible. It implicitly repudates any and all governance. Free trade and liberal capitalism is categorically leftism.

The round table movement had freetrade, anti-racism and the destruction of sovereign nations as its goals for generation. It is pure destruction, pure leftism.

In the same vein as this realisation that economic ordering is not left wing unless it is for left wing goals, we also have the head spinning point that needs to be made that absolute monarchy is a Protestant derived concept used to remove Catholic influence. Filmer was influence by Wycliffe. Luther and Hus advocated sovereign control. The Reformation was a conservative rebellion which then failed to implement national governance structures that did not eradicate imperium in imperio. The result is the degeneracy we now see. Failure to learn from this lesson is unforgivable, as the concept of nations breaking free of Cathedral control has a parralel in the Reformation nations break from Catholicism.