Western political theory’s human problem

One of my favorite pieces of Enlightenment bullshit is the insane essay by Kant What is Enlightenment? to which I always return when I want to be reminded just how horrifically bad the Enlightenment was, and just how utterly stupid modern philosophy based on Descartes is. At root, the problem is that it is a philosophy and a set of conceptions based on an entity which is categorically not human. The entire concept of people being autonomous individual entities that are capable by simple reasoning to enter into an enlightened state is delusion of the highest order that has been wildly successful because power has sponsored it as a means to undermine hierarchy in the form of power centers between it and the subject.

This means that liberalism and all modern philosophy is garbage of the highest order, which everyone kind of already understands. Take the most detailed and sophisticated of all liberal thinking, be it Anarcho-Capitalism, Libertarianism, or any other form of Liberalism, and you only have to take a step back and understand that they are not based on humans at all, and as such, they have to engage in epic levels of self-delusion and willful blindness.

Taking Anarcho-Capitalism for example, the central anthropology is utterly Cartesian, with the delusion being that people if rid of a central power would operate on an individualized basis and would defend their property from any centralizing organisation, despite the entirety of human history demonstrating that this is categorically not how humans operate. It’s completely insane.

This insanity allows for all sorts of wild conjectures and theories to be brought forward which translate monotonously to pure leftism in the form of “againstism” which is just being against order, because that’s the only thing that gets funded by the high power.

The indulgence of this form of thinking has blighted political theory in the western world and rendered it a total and utter disaster. Western Political theory just doesn’t understand humans and will not as long as the idea of humans being little Cartesian rational machines is maintained.