Future Plans

In the near future I will be looking to set up a more intellectual site for long form expositions of political theory derived from the theory synthesized by Moldbug. I will be looking for potential contributors who can provide well thought out and detailed analysis of such areas as:

  • The ramifications of rejections of Imperium in Imperio.
  • The necessity of a non-Liberal anthropology, with specific focus on the works of Rene Girard given the affinities of his work with the Cathedral analysis.
  • The works of De Jouvenel and the implications of a society in which unsecure power is not correctly remedied.
  • The flaws of protocol governance.
  • The exposition of the reactionary analysis of right and left corresponding to chaos- order.
  • The necessity of realistic analysis of the capability of the current liberal power structures and power in general to undermine society rendering such concepts as sea steading and exit delusional.
  • The philosophical basis of Liberalism and identification of its fundamental essence, especially in light of its development from Protestantism.
  • Historical analysis of the development of Liberal power structures, with concentration of the works of Carroll Quigley and the role of finance and foundations.

A minimum 5000 word limit will be in place, and I will look to maybe publish sufficiently capable essays on a quarterly basis if possible. I will likely publish them anonymously (no author names.)

Submissions can be sent to my email address – rreactionaryfuture@gmail.com

(please note the two “r”s at the start.)