Elaboration on the Reactionary summary

I have a permanent page on which I have listed certain points in a reaction programme influenced from the synthesis that was developed by Moldbug in Unqualified Reservations. It would be great if he would step forward and provide this himself, but he never saw fit to do so, and seems unwilling to do so, notwithstanding the Letter to France post.

As far as I am concerned, there is no other outline, or plan which presents a systemic elaboration of reactionary theory. Neoreaction has no chance, having become the Unitarian Universalist church of anti-SJW conservatives. It’s not really anti-democracy, it is not really anti-cathedral, and it refuses to elaborate its core theories, instead like the UU all are acceptable, no matter how incoherent and contradictory.

On a positive note, this leaves Unqualified Reservation wide open. Neoreaction has obviously nothing whatsoever to do with the blog. So, lets begin:

The first point for the theory is that any society which is systematically turned against itself, is one in which chaos will take hold. To place segments of society in the situation in which engaging in conflict with others in society is of benefit to them is recipe for suicide. The thinking of republicans and the avocation of Imperium in imperio is utterly disastrous and based on basic stupidity which has played out over, and over, and over again. Away with it. If you can’t not deal with this, then I don’t care, you are not reactionary in any way shape or form. You have renounced a state.

Following on from this is the realisation that there is a reality external to the political unit which is comprised of events and eventualities that can never be collected and accounted for within a constitution. The concept is preposterous. All limited governance and all constitutionalisms are shams and frauds.

Thirdly, Sovereignty is conserved. This means that at all times, there is always a person or institution which is de facto sovereign. There is no sovereign rule of law, and as such, everything that occurs within the sovereign’s domain is their responsibility through either action or deliberate non-action. Hiding behind shams and frauds, and passing off responsibility to protocols and formulas is appallingly childish behaviour, but it is a signature of anglo political theory based on fantasy.

Fourthly, if sovereignty is conserved, then acknowledging this sovereignty and placing the requisite responsibility and freedom of action with this sovereign so they can engage their judgement in matters is formalism. In non-formal governance, the sovereign in un-secure and unable to engage judgement and multi-direction decision making potentials – they are trapped, and must continue serving the leftward trend or be replaced.

Fifthly, at the basis of all political theory of any value is a genuine understanding of what humans are, and it subsequently deciphers theory accommodating this. All modern political theory has this absolutely backwards, especially liberalism which has formulated a human actor which has no connection to reality, and then sought to bring this human into existence. This has no place in reactionary thought. Humans are hierarchical social creatures that mimic others and can only reach their full flourishing within political entities with ordered goods. The state must be ethical and must direct the population.

Sixth, Society as such, and any functioning state, is united in direction and purpose and must not, and cannot have internal sections of it which have incentives which do not align with the state, and power which threatens the state. Such things are absurd and represent a direct renunciation of the state and a challenge to the state. All ethics, and all actions by actors within the state must be conducted with mind to not only other sub-state actors, but also the state itself. This formally renounces all forms of anarchism, anarcho-capitalism, liberalism, republicanism. Begone with this idiocy.

In conclusion, above all, Liberalism must be removed in total. Not one shred of this cancer can be allowed to remain at all. Any claim that liberalism has been of any value to mankind is pure propaganda and delusion. The claim that the spread of liberty is an unalloyed good is beyond psychotic, and rests on the assertion that somehow political organisation has halted technological development, when evidence shows this to be unsupported. Liberty for a Newton, a Shakespeare or a Vermeer is liberty for them to become what they were capable of – and they had this liberty. Liberty for a criminal, a rapist and a scoundrel is liberty for them to become what they are capable of – and this is all that liberal liberty gives us. Liberalism is acid, it is cancer, it is the most hideous disaster to befall mankind and until it is stopped completely, the disaster will continue its work. Enough of these abstract and contextless values such as liberty, equality and freedom. Enough of the fraud.