The Eastern Europe dominated future of Europe

If Poland continues it trajectory, as well as Hungary, then they will be on direct collision course with the international community. Regime change will be pushed aggressively. Best case scenario is this creates a reaction from the Polish and Hungarian elites which pushes them even further into anti-liberalism and “authoritarianism.” If these two countries go along this increasing likely path, and they manage to both correct their birth rates and exorcise liberalism and all the attendant filth produced by rule of law, then the future of Europe looks likely to be Eastern European dominated.

Of course, this prognosis is based on the assumption that filling your country with Africans and Muslims is an horrific act that is, on the grand scheme of things, pretty much worse than merely murdering most of you population in a genocide. At least post genocide the remaining population can rebound and regrow. Filling the country with Africans is sowing the ground with salt. You’re finished.

The liberal will obviously take a different approach, and see the population growth forecasts of Germany and the UK etc as being a harbingers of Western domination. Because they are psychotically delusional/ Satanic in the Girard sense and making things up on the fly as they go, or they are cynical evil people. So one minute the likes of say, Soros, will declare the migrant flows as pretty much rivers of gold, then the next minute will claim Putin is behind it to destroy Europe. More honest actors such as ISIS and Gaddafi will use the threat of being inundated with shitty Africans as a threat, whilst the liberal will rub his hands with glee because his anti-tradition based on unthinking mass movement/ social validation tells him that is the correct decision (lets just refuse to entertain the liberal as being a coherent entity.) The one desperate and vital commodity that is needed for governance is an actor, or actors capable of making reasoned conscious decisions which are coherent, able to be implemented against the wishes of majorities or minorities and based on realism. Liberalism and all forms of governance based on formula actively reject this. Anarcho-capitalism (a form of liberalism) rejects this. All modernism rejects this. It is that simple, hence why all decisions are made through the most opaque and patently absurd ways (such as voting, the numbers of liberals/ conservatives on the supreme court etc.)

So, back to the East Europeans, how would they carve up Western Europe and then remove Muslims and Africans? I for one welcome our new East European overlords as long as they publicly whip the staff of the western media.