Further observations of Popper

Karl Popper was basically evil. He was a pure fork tongue demon spouting hatred and destruction with every single breath he took:

“Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”

Matthew 7:16

and what fruits has sprung forth from Popper? figs or thorns? you tell me.

Reading his book ‘Open Society‘ is a horrifying experience. It is just an endless stream of bile, hatred and venom against order. Once you dig deep enough into a liberal, the black heart of hatred that moves them becomes visible. It is all hatred.

Just look at the comments that Popper makes of Aristotle:

“For Aristotle, in spite of his stupendous learning and his astonishing scope, was not a man of striking originality of thought.” P204

“Aristotle’s admiration and deference for the leisured classes seems to be the expression of a curious feeling of uneasiness….Aristotle’s feelings of inferiority have, perhaps, still another basis, apart from his wish to prove his independence of Plato, apart from his own ‘professional’ origin, and apart from the fact that he was, undoubtedly, a professional ‘sophist’ (he even taught rhetoric).” p207 (author note – Popper is disgusting.)

“And it is the most important source of Aristotle’s regrettably still prevailing intellectual influence, of all that verbal and empty scholasticism that haunts not only the Middle Ages, but our own contemporary philosophy; for even a philosophy as recent as that of L. Wittgenstein” P212

There is no reason to carry on quoting this verminous, petty, spiteful, pointless liberal piece of trash.If there is any justice, Popper will be consigned to ignominy once western society finally collapses. His spittle directed at scholasticism is just as bad, and is symptomatic of the university cadre of morons that have been pumped out by nation states since the Enlightenment, all scrambling over each over in greater crescendos of screeching condemnation of an intellectual tradition to which all the ills of modernity are blamed. Of course scholasticism is to blame for Marx and Fascism. Of course. St Thomas Aquinas, Adelard of Bath, Anselm of Canterbury et al were clearly a driving forces behind Stalin and Hitler.

Popper was a very bad person, and he was clearly intellectually dishonest and manipulative, as well as prone to casting aspersions on the character of thinkers he did not like. That he has such a high standing in western intellectual circles is a bellwether. This should be a source of shame.