Science and Capitalism

What is the definition of science? no one knows. Which is great. There is this thing, which no one can actually categories, explain nor even come close to agreeing on, but everyone makes grand sweeping statements about it anyway.

Here is the ‘Science council’ with the “the first “official definition of science” ever published.” with the obligatory women POC looking dimly down a microscope:

“Science is the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.”

The “experts” note this would include journalism (ROFL) as being within the bounds of science, as well as humanities (crying with laughter here,) which is a “good and sensible thing.” A.C. Grayling declares:

Here is a list of various pronouncements from “eminent” scientists and intellectuals with various lies, half trues and plain barking mad assertions. and of course we have the wiki page which is gibberish from start to finish.

So, no one can explain what science is in a way everyone can understand in the way an apple can be explained, or running for example. Isn’t that odd?

How about capitalism? No one has a clue. Here is the IMF being incoherent, boring and as clear as mud. Here are the Marxists boring the hell out of everyone. Here is a random page about the history of capitalism which like a lot of other theories states that Capitalism kind of originated from a bunch of Liberals like Smith who wrote works which were full of shit. Here is Ayn Rand on Capitalism.

No one can even remotely agree on what capitalism is, just like science, and they both sort of originated as names for undefinable activities that are always being betrayed by someone at about the same time from the liberal tradition.