Anni di piombi

It is safe to say there is a great deal of “hang the bastards” sentiment in the western world, with UKIP, NF and Trump’s relative (very relative) success. This is both good and bad in that some degree of legitimacy and mass appeal is needed for any takeover. The failed Kapp Putsch and the Beer Hall Putsch demonstrates that. You have to at least capture a degree of general acceptance that you have taken charge, and that the previous regime is helpless. The downside is that it antagonizes the current elites who are very firmly in control. This is not Weimar Germany yet.

If I was some security services type with a hand in messing things up in a reactionary direction, I would probably copy the system used in the Italian Anni di piombi in which the CIA repeatedly engaged in false flag activities blamed on communists, as well as giving free reign to violent left wing groups such as the Red Brigade. I had a post on my old blog about it, but I can’t find it. The same thing roughly happened in Germany, except the leftists didn’t need assistance. The idea is to push the current establishment to unleash a reactionary monster.

This is the messy option. Very messy, but it has previous examples of success. The groups would have to be directed at the elite so as to scare them and would have to be accompanied by quite a good degree of societal breakdown and state incompetence. Frankly, I see this in America’s future; everyone does. The key is having something in place to takeover and bootload a serious governance structure in place.