Criticism of the Alt-Right

Frankly, pretty much all of the alt-right is progressive and modernist. On top of that, it is incoherent and more stupid than progressivism given that at least progressivism follows the precepts of progressivism and modernity properly.

The alt-right, like conservatism before it, as it merely cobbles together a bunch of anti-liberal positions which are only anti-liberal in a relative manner (liberal anti-liberals if you will,) whilst still remaining well within the liberal scheme. The repetition of conservatism’s genesis is not an accident, and is due to the failure to get to the root cause of progressivism and reject these. Determinism, universalism (or it’s mirror image but not rejection – subjectivism), empiricism, deontological-consequentialist ethics etc. They usually show up in pure forms in areas of claimed rejection of progressivism, like for example in objectivism (inductive epistemology – aka science. check. pursuit of isolated happiness? check. individual rights? check.) but these just demonstrate a rejection of progressivism for a more pure form of progressivism – we are the real progressives etc. The right is often the spearhead of progressivism such as in the Reformation or the American war of Independence as they warred against reactionary governance at the behest of the Monarchs, competing powers (whigs) or other Powers that engaged them against enemies. The progressive dildo fest that follows in their wake continually surprises them, but it no longer surprises me. Remove the role of secure power and you create a satanic society.

The key problem is always their attempts to lock in their right wing concepts via systems like republicanism which form means of degradation and collapse as De Jouvenel pointed out, and which Moldbug extended. This central point still seems to create confusion, but it is relatively simple – unsecure power will engage 3rd parties to attack their enemies indirectly, which is tantamount to society being at war with itself. Modernity is the locking in of this mechanism in the form of the ultimate unsecure power – republicanism/democracy (and its sisters Communism and Nazism.) This has received almost zero discussion within alt-right circles because alt-right circles are progressive and have no need for such an observation. At root it makes all the modernist progressive systems that the alt-right proposes look silly and a giant mistake, when the alt-right really thinks they are not. Human affairs seems to create a mesmerizing effect on people which causes them to fail to see what is in front of them even when it is made crystal clear.

When you add the insights of the likes of Rene Girard and Alasdair Macintyre, this gets even worse. I am convinced from what I have read so far of both of these writers that they are fundamentally declaring progressivism and all modernity to be epic stupidity from start to finish, but this is a message lost on those areas in which such a critique is invaluable because they have not rejected progressivism at all. The Alt-right is progressive and modern ergo they are captured by the criticisms of Girard and Macintyre.

Rene Girard’s Mimesis dove tails with something close to perfection with the virtue ethics outlined by Macintyre, and both put forward a blue print for a sociological understanding of humanity which accords with observation, and not with empirical science and it’s determinism and fact-value distinctions. The Alt-right embraces determinism and the fact-value distinction at its roots.

If humans are unavoidably mimetic creatures as noted by Aristotle long ago, then almost all points of the alt-right are wrong. Exit, rabid individualism, anti-governance, libertarianism – none of these take this into account at all, and in fact presume the extreme sovereignty of the individual.

If people are mimetic creature, then this mimesis needs close and careful control with purposeful mechanisms in place to halt the degrading effects of mob mimesis – virtue ethics, hierarchy, clear breaks in hierarchy that stop mass mob rubbish, not manipulating mimesis for destructive purposes – this is rejection of consumerism and Laissez faire economics and capitalism (which is laughably linked in with reaction.) This rejects democracy. This makes a mockery of exit.

The right is the enemy of reaction, and a boot loader for progressivism (Legion) when it succeeds and puts in place systemic governance. Let that sink in.